GRIM GOAT: Fear Keeps Us Small: 12″

Fear Keeps Us Small cover art

GRIM GOAT is a four man band from Münster, Germany that do hardcore, mixed with punk rock melody. After the releases of their demo For Your Life, the LP Answers Follow From Questions, and tons of shows with national and international bands, they went back into the studio to lay down the heavy tracks we have on here.

Some no-frills hardcore with melodic parts that come in all the right places and it’s go-go-go with no chance of taking the foot off the accelerator. With the gruff vocals shouted at you, the crushing sound that the band puts forth and the great lyrics, this is the kind of stuff that should be on your playlist, not that over-hyped crap passed off as punk / hardcore. These guys burn through these songs and make you want to hear more and more.

Seeing these guys live would probably be incredible, but for now, this will have to do and I loved every second of it…if only they would play around where I live…sigh.

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