KIM WILDE: Self-titled: CD

Kim Wilde’s first and in my mind, best album remastered and in a copy of the original vinyl release. I still remember reading about her in Creem magazine and finally seeing the cassette in a record store downtown…I had to have this album right there and then. I purchased this and IRON MAIDEN’s Number Of The Beast and put Kim into my trusty walkman and had a huge smile on my face the whole way through the tape.

Every song was something new and exciting for me and being thirteen, I had a huge crush on her. No MTV in Canada and not too many outlets for videos at the time so I only had the magazine article and the tape for any kind of information about her or what the video was like. I played the damn thing over and over and learned these songs and after all these years, it still puts a smile on my face and I still love the album. The songs that really stand out for me are “Kids In America,” “Water On Glass,” “Our Town,” “Young Heroes,” “Chequered Love,” and “2-6-5-8-0.” Not a bad ratio, six out of ten songs that I love and four that I like…lol.

With the cleaned up sound, the cool little sleeve reproduction and the ton of classic tracks, this is a definite album to be put into your collection. New wave done well, with feeling, emotion, and energy all done before things got watered done in a few years by the proliferation of pop taking over the new wave scene.

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