SECRET SMOKER: Terminal Architecture: LP


These three guys from Baton Rouge, LA play emo…yes it’s emo, but it’s actually really good emo with a hint of screamo and a bit of hardcore in the mix giving this a better than most sound. Most times when you hear the term emo it makes people think of kids that are depressed with bad hair and ridiculous makeup, but this could change your mind about the music at least.

The sounds emanating from the grooves of the very cool see-through vinyl are heavy, full of emotions and will give you a kick in your pants…damn cool so far. These guys are like the link of what emo was in the old days and for that I’m glad. Well written songs with tight, yet not perfect playing made this one a real winner. Yes the vocals could get annoying on emo albums, but we get the whiny vocals, but also shouty, angry vocals that add so much to the diversity of the album. The songs range from being fast to slower and add in the fantastic playing, this makes for a very cool listening experience.

This was a surprise for me since I had long given emo a wide berth and hearing this makes me realize that there are a few people who can pull this off well.

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