Wendy Jacobson (AKA – The Fabulous Miss Wendy) newest ten song effort was recorded in Hollywood with legendary producer Kim Fowley (THE RUNAWAYS).

You can hear the touches of Fowley here and there on this album, but Wendy’s the one in charge on this album. Her sweet, but tough vocals shine, the tight and crunchy guitar playing is front and center and the right amount of pop sheen to take the songs into your ears and get stuck there for days. The hooks are incredible, but the tough edge is still apparent and that mix really makes for a delicious listen. The songs that get me going are “No One Can Stop Me,” “Silicon Assassin,” “Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll,” “In My Movie,” and “In Miami.”

A great collection of songs that really show off her talent and are pure fun. This put a smile on my face and made me listen to it a bunch of times and now I need more from her!

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