STIGMA: For Love & Glory: CD

“The Godfather of Hardcore”, AGNOSTIC FRONT guitarist Vinnie Stigma has another great record with his solo project STIGMA, which also features Mike Gallo of AGNOSTIC FRONT on bass, Larry Nieroda and Josh Tilotta on guitars and Luke Rota on drums. The new album delivers thirteen hard-hitting punk rock anthems that will kick your ass.

Old school traditional
tracks like “Don’t Lose Faith,” “The Spirit Remains,” “Free Your Mind” or “Average Man” are mostly performed in a mid-tempo style with singalongs, and some upbeat melodic hardcore punk with some oi influences are also on this great album.

A collection of tight-played songs that just keep getting better every time that you play it and you will be playing this one a lot…trust me, this is a fantastic album that restores my faith that punk rock can be played right and not from an over-hyped crappy band, but true pioneers that feel the love for their music flowing through their veins.

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