PRETTY MAIDS: Motherland: CD

PRETTY MAIDS is melodic metal band from Denmark that have been around since 1981, and have quite a payload of releases behind them. This is their first album since Pandemonium in 2010.

This album differs somewhat to what has come before by having a very keyboard-centric sound, fortunately, the guitar is sharp and heavier than ever and the combination of the monstrously heavy guitar sound and focus on the keyboard gives the album a very thick sound. “Mother of All Lies,” “Why So Serious?” and the title track show the band giving us the hard and heavy sound that they do so well. The title track is an up-tempo pounder that has grooves, and the chorus is pure perfection. “Why So Serious?” is a haunting and captivating song that blends melody with fantastic riffing. “Sad to See You Suffer,” “Bullet For You” and the excellent “Wasted” shows off the melodic essence of this band perfectly. “Bullet For You” showcases harmonies that are luscious and fill out the vocals beautifully. “Wasted” closes the record and does an excellent job of blending the keyboard playing into the songwriting.

All of these songs have amazing choruses that will stick in your head long after the record is over. Everyone who is a fan of PRETTY MAIDS and loves  melodic metal songs will fall in love with this CD

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