KEN mode: Entrench: CD

Entrench cover art

Winnipeg’s KEN mode new release is actually their fifth album, which marks a decade since the release of their first. This album could fool you into thinking that they were new with the urgent and relentless, and angry sounds emanating from them.

This is an aggressive album, and the bludgeoning weight of post-hardcore features heavily with the guitars saw-toothed and gouging in parts, and highly technical in others. The band really rip through this album as though they were a force of nature and are coming to devastate your town. You get song after song of pure energy and power that grabs you and the anger is so strong that you can feel it hitting you from the speakers.

After five albums, these guys show no sign of slowing down or becoming wimpy, instead it sounds as if they got their second wind and really are making their move into bigger and better areas.

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