VOICE OF ADDICTION: Modern Day Meltdown: CD


This Chicago, IL trio has dropped a new four song EP that shows of their mix of punk and rock that they do so well. This is their fifth release in their eight year history and this EP really showcases growth in their songwriting abilities with its dramatic tempo shifts and turn on a dime time signature changes driven by the solid drumming. The vocal delivery has a bit more grit and gravel than on previous releases and adds roughness to the giant sing along choruses throughout all the songs and the guitar work adds awesome riffing to the band’s airtight sound.

This literally explodes with “Modern Day Meltdown,” a terrific song that serves up devastating rhythm, a rocking guitar groove, infectious harmonies and catchy chorus. “Daley Struggle” keeps things moving with its slamming guitar groove against melodic vocals and dynamic groove and takes a jab at former mayor Richard M. Daley. “Same Old Song” is a full throttle ditty with heartfelt vocals against a wicked rhythm guitar. “Juvenescence” continues the urgent pace of the album with another guitar-driven, kick-ass song.

A great taster that will set your speakers on fire and you know that being from Chicago, they know about fires. If this is how hard they hit on an EP, just think how they will destroy you on an album or live.

https://www.facebook.com/voarockers  http://voiceofaddiction.com/



https://www.facebook.com/bluepierecords  http://www.bluepierecords.com/index.php


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