BPM: ​Courtney Loves Ted: Download

BPM #2-Courtney Loves Ted cover art

Second release from this crazed band who just keep getting better and more furious with every release. A short EP of seven tracks and only just over six and a half minutes long.

The first track is full of effects and strange voices with some great thrash being played and them the real insanity starts with the first real track, “Courtney Gave Ted Head”. This a fantastic song with manic vocals, and awesome playing that will get the pit going. The whole thing, other than the first track is a mosh inducing frenzy that will get you caught up in it and send you reeling.

These guys always make me smile and give my ears a treat. Grab this one and piss off someone you love.

https://www.facebook.com/blastphlegme  http://blastphlegme.bandcamp.com/


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