THE PERMS: The Aberdeen EP: CD

This trio from Winnipeg, Manitoba have put out five albums before this release and the quality is there right from the first note. They play a mix of power pop mixed with a hint of punk energy and the mix is intoxicating.

Kicking things off with “It’s Mania,” the guys really lay down the template for the rest of the EP, an upbeat and high energy rocker, the harmonizing is on-point and the band play like this is the best song that will ever be played. “Aberdeen” sports a huge sound built on layers of vocals and energetic playing with whoa-ohs adding to the thrill of the song. “The Parent Thing” is so catchy that you may need to get your shots before listening to it, everything is perfect and I could listen to this song over and over again with the WEEZER feel to it and the complete sense of fun that these guys put into it. “Walk Away” gets a bit more rock infused than the other tracks and it has a great ’60s influence that makes you think that you’re in a time warp that you don’t want to leave.

Great playing, a sense of complete fun and a love of the music makes this a small sampling that will both excite you with the talent on here, but frustrate you because of the short running time and only four songs. You need to go out and get this one as soon as possible!

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