THE MISSION: Swan Song EP: Download

THE MISSION have put out a new album and the newest single is “Swan Song”, one of the most popular songs on the album and now comes out as an EP of remixes and one new song.

The radio edit is a fantastic, tight version which made for the perfect start to the EP, “More Than The Truth” is a new song that was recorded during the sessions for the new album The Brightest Light and has a bit more of an electronic feel than the songs on the album, but is a high energy song that really gets your toes tapping and is definitely a treat to have on this release. “Swan Song (Reconstruction Circa 1984)” is really cool, the addition of a 909 drum machine, and the guitar sounds are all phase and chorus, really give the song the feel of an older song that you might have missed out on from back in the ’80s and is worth playing over and over again. “Swan Song (Deconstruction)” takes the song and brings it down a few notches while retaining the power and majesty of the song. “Swan Song (Reaper Version)” is really interesting, a kind of karaoke version sung by producer David M Allen after coming home from a night at the pub and Wayne Hussey thought it was great and kept it. The final track “Swan Song (Lament)is an acoustic take that really brings out the emotion and a sensitive side to the song.

The EP is a great collection of remixes that give us different sides to the song and don’t bury the song in effects or tricks that make it unrecognizable. Every version is strong and creates a mood that will be great for all different times and places to listen to.

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