NINE VOLT HEART: The Black Cat Demos 2013: CD

The Black Cat Demos 2013 cover art

This quartet of teenagers from West Yorkshire, England are on their second EP and gearing up for a full-length release in the future. They play a blend of punk, rock and alternative all mixed together to create a very catchy and inviting sound that grabs you and won’t let go. 

It all starts with the biting and venomous ripping tune “KissKissKiss” with angry lyrics and aggressiveness in the playing with the lyrics being spat out at the listener. “Phantoms and Failing Engines” starts off quiet and then bursts with power and the soaring of the vocals and the heavy guitar playing take you out to space with a blast of energy. Last song “Very Much Alive” starts off much in the same way, but is more of a slow burner and is a great ending to a short, but well down EP.

Most people think that teenagers are hopeless lay-a-bouts with no goals or ambitions, this lot prove that wrong. This is a great EP that shows the talent and proves that good music knows no age limit, from old to the young, quality come out loud and clear with these young guys.

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