INTEGRITY: Suicide Black Snake: CD

For the last 25 years, Dwid Hellion has served as the lead singer and sole constant member of INTEGRITY, going from album to album with changes in style from the dark, macabre music in the early nineties to the hardcore pounding of the 2000s and the experimental maturation in the 2010s. The most recent material has been a five-year collaboration with Robert Orr, whose involvement has elevated the band into a bluesy, thashier state.

“+Orrchida” with its acrobatic solos that compliment the mosh-friendly edge, really show the talent on this album. “Into the Night” the album’s penultimate track, is one of their best songs with a fusion of the fluid movements found on “I Know Where Everyone Lives” and “+Orrchida”, “Into the Night” grooves its way into melodic territory. “Beasts as Gods” is a real rager that is a pit inciter. “There Ain’t No Living In Life” is dark and moody and there’s harmonica along with another soaring solo.

INTEGRITY is a band that rarely disappoints, doling out their strongest material since their inception. This album delivers punishing, metallic hardcore that will surely please even the most skeptical fan.

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