THE MISSION: Silver: Double DVD & CD Special Edition

A fantastic collection for fans and newbies alike, the best of THE MISSION performed live, the perfect way to hear them and now see three shows from their 25th anniversary tour in 2011. The band got three of their original members back together, Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler plus new drummer Mike Kelly to give the punters a real treat.

The band is tighter than a frog’s ass under water and they have never sounded better or looked happier together than on this collection. On the first DVD, recorded on Oct. 22, 2011, they play their most beloved songs with a true love for the music and the fans who according to the interviews on here, have come from around the world to see them. The fans show their love of the band and the band gives them everything that they have on these shows and it truly makes for a terrific experience that will stick with you. You get behind the scenes from London Brixton Academy, fan interviews from London Brixton Academy, and rehearsal footage for the 2011 tour on the first DVD. You also get to hear Hussey take a shot at his old band THE SISTERS OF MERCY and his surprisingly good sense of humor, no dour goth guy he is. The second DVD has two shows on it, the Nov. 1, 2011, show in Cologne, Germany, plus eight more songs recorded the night before in Frankfurt. The performance is every bit as exciting and energetic as the first disc and the CD features most of the Cologne concert.

If you are a fan, you will play this over and over and this is also a great introduction for the newer fan curious about the band. I loved every second of this release and know that it will be played a lot in my house.

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