BRIEF LIVES: Whistleblower: 7″

Whistleblower cover art

This quartet from Virginia give us two tracks of post hardcore that gets under your skin and won’t let go. A bit of the old D.C. sound, a bit FUGAZI, JAWBOX and QUICKSAND meets 1.6 BAND all meet in their sound, but not in a way that takes away from the band, but just gives the songs a little bit of texture.

“Whistleblower” has a nice shouted lead vocal, and terrific wall of noise music creating a great sound with thick bass and guitar playing that goes from gentle to ringing without missing a beat. “No Voice” is a bit faster and has that fat bass going through it, more shouted vocals, inspired guitar playing and as in the last song, drumming that gets your head bobbing and your feet tapping.

Two songs, both winners that will grab you and make you sad that there are only two songs on here. These guys really need to get an album out.

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