ZOMBIE INC: Homo Gusticus: CD

Since getting together back in 2009, this Austrian death metal band has mined the theme of zombies and mined it well. You get ten brand new morbid, but humorous songs on this sophomore collection.

The added sound bites from horror movies add to the atmosphere of being in a zombie movie, add in the talking / guttural vocals and you have a creepy and evil bunch of songs. The humor in the lyrics keeps things grounded in the more fun aspect of their schitk and keeps this from being another cookie-cutter death metal album. The vocals are actually mostly intelligible which is rare for this genre and I applaud them for it, the deep bass and the pummeling drums work in tandem to give a nice groove to the tracks and the riffs and solos add a lot to the power of these songs. The songs are well done with the band giving their all and playing tightly and with passion. I really liked “The Rocking Dead”, “Cum Undone”, “Bust The Food Chain”, “E=MCarnage2”, and “All Corpses Are Bastards”.

If you want death metal that you can understand and has a sense of humor, then this is your album. If you just want the cookie monster vocals and songs about how gross the lyrics can be, please move on and find the generic crap, I’ll stick with these guys.

https://www.facebook.com/zombieinc666  https://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope


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