IMPLANT: The Productive Citizen: CD

The productive citizen

IMPLANT is back after a four-year hiatus and it’s the Belgian band’s ninth full length in seventeen years. The offerings on this album are varied stylistically: EBM Electro-Clash and Industrial, featuring vocal contributions from LEATHER STRIP, KRYSTAL SYSTEM, and XMH.

From the first song “Lord Knows I Tried (Album Version)”, I’m sold! I love the vocals (Claus from LEATHER STRIP with Len Lemeire) really mesh together well and the upbeat song starts things off perfectly. The excellent electronic beats are carried into the next track which would sound great played in a club, “C.C.C.P.C.C.T.V.”. Great upbeat and danceable song. The highs just keep going, track after track of songs that offer up the best this band has to offer. The energy that is on this album just makes you want to get up and dance, turn up the volume and just enjoy a fantastic electronic album that grabs you time and time again. There is another version of this album that has a bonus CD of remixes and another bonus if you see them live or from the label website with six more remixes.

Only having the single CD is a drag and now I have to go out and get the bonus discs for the complete picture. Go see them live or order this album and have the time of your life enjoying what could be one of my top albums this year.

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