VENGEANCE TODAY: Dude, You Just Ruined The Show: 12″

Dude, You Just Ruined The Show. cover art

VENGEANCE TODAY is a four piece hc/punk outfit from Dresden-Chemnitz-Area, Germany that started playing shows in 2008. After releasing demos in the past, they finally got around to releasing their debut album.

Starting off with a lot of feedback, the album kicks off with the meaty and heavy “Purpose” giving us a taste of the insane energy and devastation ahead. The band plays hard, angry and with intelligent lyrics that will rattle your speakers and shatter windows. Song after song of screamed / shouted vocals with blistering leads, thundering bass and drumming give rise to an album that will get the pits swirling and the skaters thrashing like mad. These ten tracks hit hard and really get the blood pumping and make you want to grab a skateboard. Not one second is wasted on this album and the intensity never lags, it just comes at you like a fully loaded eighteen wheeler with no brakes coming down a hill at you.

This is one awesome collection of songs that will get blasted while I’m driving to work to get me pumped up for my crappy job and when I leave work to release the frustration of the night. Grab this one today and let their energy inspire you to get crazy.

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