SLENDER LORIS: World Tour: Cassette

World Tour cover art

This three-piece band from Hamilton, Ontario have been working on this release for half a year and have given us seventeen new songs to enjoy. You get three songs over the two-minute mark so you won’t get bored listening to them, but you may have to play it all over again because it’s too damn short.

This is sloppy punk rock that is perfect the way it is, completely without pretension, just bashed away with energy and exuberance that is totally contagious. Every song is noisy, has a wall of noise, lots of screamed vocals mixed with some cleaner vocals that remind me a bit of THE VIOLENT FEMMES, but with an edge that they never showed except in their lyrics. Track after track comes at you and you find the cacophony just intoxicating and you want more, luckily there are a ton of tracks on here to quench that thirst. The simplicity of the music is a bit misleading since there are textures that pull you in just like the first JESUS AND MARY CHAIN album did with the feedback, buried vocals and wall of noise. There isn’t a track on here that doesn’t make its mark on here or that could be dropped, it’s a fun, and smart album if you listen to the lyrics.

A great new album from a band out of my hometown that just keeps on getting better. The bad part is living so far away from home that I probably will never get a chance to see this performed live and take in the glorious racket that they create.

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