RODENT LORD: Circus Flea: Download

Circus Flea cover art

This four-piece punk band from Kutztown, Pennsylvania has been together since December 2011 and has just released four new songs to destroy your ears. This has been released as both a download and on cassette from No Less Records.

Starting off the four tracks with some thick hardcore influenced punk rock, the band really gets things going. Tight, fast and super crunchy, “Bone On Bone” is the perfect jumping off point. The rest of the songs follow this format of short, fast and crazed punk rock that brings to mind the early ’80s when the scene was full of great music like this and might have got lost, but in the light of the craptastic punk that’s out there nowadays, this is the real shit! Four tracks that go by far too quickly and make you want more.

This is exactly what I needed to hear, a set of awesome songs that got played a whole bunch of times in a row because they kick ass. This band is what real punk rock sounds like, go out and support these guys and hopefully they will put out more music for us to love.

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