LOUISE DISTRAS: Dreams From The Factory Floor: CD

Dreams From The Factory Floor

At twenty five years old, Louise Distras has already garnered a ton of attention both in her native U.K. and also around the world. She’s trying to get people to fight against the crap in this world and not with each other and empowering women to not be stereotyped or brought down, but to get out and fight for the ability to do whatever they want.

With a voice that goes between raspy and sweet at times, Distras really lets loose with a weapon that will grab you right away, her voice. Of course the lyrics are what matter, but her voice makes the lyrics jump out at you. Yes, you may think of JOAN JETT, BRODY DALLE and COURTNEY LOVE when you hear her singing, but that’s great as a reference point, but not the end of it all, she has more depth and range than those vocalists. The songs are great punk rock mixed with some rock songs thrown in and some acoustic songs in the mix as well. It turns into a varied album that will please a lot of different people who will hopefully spread her message to more people than just a small group. It kind of reminds me of a mix of BILLY BRAGG and a JOE STRUMMER album with the different styles mixed together. You even get Distras doing spoken word on the title track which was fantastic.

Not one song is filler, everything is killer and I can say that I don’t have a favorite song on the album…I have a favorite album. Get this and fill your house with some great sounds and your head with great lyrics.

https://www.facebook.com/louisedistras  http://www.louisedistras.co.uk/


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