IAN MARQUIS: Faces From The Static: CD

Faces from the Static cover art

Ian Marquis is a one man band, he plays all of the instruments and mixes up things up on this release with new wave and AOR that would sound perfect on the radio back in the early to mid ’80s plus he throws in some ’90s industrial rock. He shows his talent and ability to interweave the styles together with a finesse that really takes your breath away.

The album is varied nicely, nothing is overdone or worked to death, the songs all have a full and rich sound to them. Marquis’ vocals take on the sound and feel of the style that the song is performed in, going from the smoother new wave influenced “Call Me Crazy” to the harder, industrial sounding “Venus Aphasia”. He managed to get a really nice production job on the album with the songs being clear and very crisp sounding. You can really hear the love and energy that he put into this release and every track drips with the sound of a man who truly enjoys what he’s doing. I really liked “Hide And Seek”, “Help Me Make It To The Night”, “Call Me Crazy”, “Venus Aphasia”, “Paper Hearts / Paper Friends”, “I Know Better (We Are Broken)”, “Heisenberg, Revisited”, and “Lock Your Lips”.

A very diverse and enjoyable album that would sound great on the radio, that is if radio would ever play anything that wasn’t crap anymore. Check out this album and his previous albums and support independent artists that are doing it because they love music, not to be trendy.

https://www.facebook.com/IanMarquisMusic  http://ianmarquismusic.com/

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