DARKANE: The Sinister Supremacy: CD

This melodic death / thrash metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden has been together since 1998 and has released five previous albums and a DVD before this. These five guys throw down an album of blistering tracks that you can crank up loud and bang your head to until you need a neck rub to take away the pain.

Starting off with a classically inspired intro that gives no a nice relaxing interlude before the title track comes on and rips your face off. Tight played and full of energy, these guys really give you their all in this huge, riff filled album. The band has just enough death metal in their thrash to give it that evil, angry edge, but it doesn’t go overboard with the gore or violence that it becomes a parody. The machine gun drumming just hammers away, the shouted, guttural vocals give the songs a nice angry sound that I loved, the heavy bass pounds away, and the guitar playing has a ton of riffage and blazing leads to satisfy the air guitarist in you. The addition of softer, more gentle and orchestral parts really added a nice bit of depth and texture to a heavy group of songs. I really liked “The Sinister Supremacy”, “Mechanically Divine”, “Ostracized”, “Insurrection is Imminent”, and “Humanity Defined”.

This is the kind of album that begs to be played on repeat and loud as hell to get the full listening experience that is required. These guys turned out an album of terrific songs played with the exuberance and power that will get you stuck on this CD for a long time so why fight it…go out and get a copy now!

https://www.facebook.com/darkane  http://www.darkane.com/

https://www.facebook.com/prostheticrecords  http://prostheticrecords.com/

http://darkane.bandcamp.com/releases  http://prostheticrecords.bandcamp.com/

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