TRIALS: In The Shadow Of Swords: CD


Starting back in 2008, this Chicago, IL metal band plays a mix of thrash and metalcore with a bit of groove thrown into the mix. This sophomore album contains ten tracks, one of them being a cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Jawbreaker”.

This album picks up where their last one left off, but in a much more polished and mature way. There is clean, melodic singing along with some growling, but it is all understandable and that’s always cool since I like to hear the lyrics. This album has catchy riffs, break-speed drums and bass guitar that brings on the heavy that drives the entire record into a high place and never lets up. They have come up with fat grooves that will get your head banging and make for a mighty sore neck after listening to this album. The power and passion that is all over this record is amazing, as soon as you think it can’t get better, it does and it just keeps kicking your ass. I don’t have a favorite track, I have a new favorite album, one great track after another.

All I can say is this is one hell of an album, one that should be bought by you and taken to your friend’s house to get them into the band and buy a copy too. For only being a sophomore album, it makes me scared what they are capable of putting out in the future…they’re that good!


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