TO THE PAIN: Self-titled: CD


Inside Tray

Getting together back in 2010 while trying to record some songs they wrote back in 1989, they decided to write and record some new songs. After nine months of writing and recording, they wrote 6 new songs and re-recorded an old song “Silent Horror”, and put together a new band. The band consists of John Intagliata (Vocals) and Steve Shaver (Lead Guitar) and joining them is Jeremy Lustig(Bass Guitar), Mark Trojanoski (Rhythm Guitar), and Jimmy Klimatas (Drums).

The seven songs on their debut album have great riffs and meaty solos, thick bass, pounding drums and clean vocals that get a little gruff at times and hit those highs too, plus some great gang vocals. The mix of power metal and thrash really works well and doesn’t get bogged down in either style, instead it takes from both and grows from it. You can hear the touches of the ’80s on the songs, but they manage to instill enough modernity in the songs to keep them sounding familiar, but fresh. The songs that stood out for me were “For the People, Buy the People”, “Silent Horror”, “Burn with Me”, “Fuel Injected Nightmare”, and “A Good Revolution”.

A very good debut that shows a lot of promise and talent from these guys. It’s very cool that they went and looked at their old songs and found something that still worked for them and integrate it into newer songs and have it fit perfectly. I wonder if they have more old songs to record soon for us?

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