RAD COMPANY / SOK!: Thrashpop Split E.P.: 7″

Rad Company/Sok! "Thrashpop EP" cover art

Two bands from Ohio go head to head in a punk rock fury fest. RAD COMPANY are from Dayton and play crazed punk rock on their five songs while SOK!, also from Dayton are more melodic and poppy.

RAD COMPANY have dual vocals, one being shouted, clean vocals and the other being more growled and deeper. Lots of heavy riffing, stop-start parts and lots of gang vocals added to their mix of punk, hardcore and thrash. They really put their anger out in front for all to hear and do a great job of creating a mix that really works well. SOK! plays more melodic punk rock with some poppy touches mixed in, as well as snotty vocals, but they still come on strong and give you a shot in the arm with the energy that they have created on their songs.

Both bands, although being from the same area, play different styles and strangely really fit together well. You really can’t go wrong when everything has gone so right on this single, so go out and grab a copy!


http://radcompany1.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rad-Girlfriend-Records/200258046719162



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