Pretty Boy Thorson and Lil' Happiness-"I Ain't Gonna Beg" cover art

Jesse Thorson (SLOW DEATH, FALLING ANGELS, LEGENDARY SAN DIEGO CHARGERS), is back with his new band featuring Paddy Costello from DILLINGER FOUR, Annie “Sparrows” Holoien from the SOVIETTES, and FALLING ANGELS guitarist Dan Johnson. This is the third single to come out in a series of six.

Starting off with “I Ain’t Gonna Beg”, a slower punk rock song in the SOCIAL DISTORTION vein with gruff lead vocals and a sense of melancholy, this was a terrific start to the single, it almost had a POGUES feel with the female vocals added, but without the celtic music added. “Running Back” also had a POGUES vibe and was every bit the equal of the first song.

A great two song single and now I need to go hunt all of them down, you need to do it too!

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