NEON COBRA: Live Rad! Die Radder!: CD

Live Rad! Die Radder! cover art

This Austin, TX punk rock band keeps the rock in their punk, but not shitty rock, real rock music that has heart and a great sense of humor mixed in with punk energy that they’ve put together on their eleven song debut album.

As soon as you throw this on, the awesome grooves hit you and the good times start right until the end of the album. Crunchy guitar, bass that you can hear and feel, crashing drums and vocals that are clear and mixed nicely with the background vocalists give this a great, high energy performance. You can hear the fun that these guys are having on this album with the biting and fun lyrics, the power that they possess and it really makes for a great listen. The songs that stood out for me were “Bitchin n’ Moanin'”, “Live Rad! Die Radder!”, “Solo Mission”, “Chance To Rock”, “Jailbait City”, “Hell On Two Legs”, and “Midnight Rocket”.

These guys would fit on a punk rock bill or a bill of bands like NASHVILLE PUSSY equally which shows the terrific crossover potential and talent that they have. Great debut that makes me really want to see them live and shout along with these fun songs.

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