A two band split of hardcore bands from Germany. ABYSS A.D. from Munich formed in mid 2011, and GHOSTWRITER was founded in autumn 2010 in the surrounding regions of Berlin.

GHOSTWRITER starts off the aural assault with “Anxiety”, a track that has huge riffs and is super heavy. Shouted, but clear vocals, pummeling drums and deep bass made this a great start to the split. “Rotations” has a fantastic instrumental opening that goes on for more than half the song, then the vocals kick in and take the song up a few notches and make it even heavier. ABYSS A.D. starts off with “Reap And Sow” and its change from a fast almost thrash song, then going into a slower mosh part that is fantastic. “Dark Seducer” which closes off the split is a raging song that is heavy and has another great mosh part.

Both bands have the power and energy to get the pits going crazy and are different enough to stand out from each other. Both have their hardcore mixed with metal, but it just adds to the anger and maelstrom that they both created on this split.

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