ISAAK: The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound: CD

The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound cover art

Italian stoner rock band ISAAK have re-released this album with four bonus tracks “Fearless” from PINK FLOYD, “Wrathchild” by IRON MAIDEN and two new originals. This was originally released when they were known under their original name GHANDI’S GUNN and this album has been remixed and remastered by Eric Hoegemeyer at Brooklyn, NY’s Tree Laboratory and Chris Goosman at Ann Arbor, MI’s Baseline Audio Labs.

Vocalist Giacomo H Boeddu, guitarist Francesco Raimondi, bassist Massimo Perasso and drummer Andrea Tabbì De Bernardi really put everything that they have into the recording of these intense tracks. The band plays with heart, emotion and a sense of urgency that gets under your skin and gets you moving. The gravelly vocals, the locked in grooves, the wicked guitar playing, plus the heaviness of the tracks really give this band a top shelf placing in this genre. the record starts with “Haywire” and it’s a high energy track with classic stoner rock riffs, “Under Siege” starts with fuzzed phased guitar before kicking into high gear with high energy stoner rock, “Breaking Balance” starts spacey, but slowly builds up into a huge rocker with a fantastic groove and excellent playing, and “Flood” starts slowly and after a few minutes, the heavy riff kicks in and pushes the track into a heavier zone. “Red (The Colour of God)” is a fast paced track with huge drums and intense guitar playing added to the head nodding groove, and “Rest Of The Sun” is another heads down, rocking song with a cool groove, as well as”Adrift”. “Hypotesis” is a psychedelic influenced track with nice drums and a sitar.After three minutes, the sitar fades out and the song becomes a heavy behemoth. “Fearless” by PINK FLOYD has none of the gentle psychedelic sound that the original has, it is turned into a super heavy track with pummeling drums and a wall of guitar, “Wrathchild” by IRON MAIDEN is a heavy riffing version that takes the song and adds some more low-end and gives it a punch to your throat. “The Right Time” and “Isolation 2.0” are new songs and a fast rockers that have more metal riffs but still keep things grooving.

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