Girl Crimes cover art

This all female garage punk band from Victoria, BC lay down eleven songs, including a cover of a JOHNNY THUNDERS song “I Wanna Be Loved”. Their debut album came out in 2012 on Shake! Records and there are only 100 copies that were made.

The album is full of thumping drums, buzzsaw guitars, obnoxiously funny lyrics, tough vocals and hooks galore. The band really plays their hearts out on this album and you can hear the fun that they are having loud and clear. Don’t expect flawless playing, instead listen to the exuberance and raw energy that these ladies are putting down on the album. Every song is a keeper, with not one song being a filler or a throwaway on the album. The gritty playing really gives this release a “live” feeling, kind of like being there with them, which makes for a real cool vibe.

Just try to get one of these from either the band or the label and hear a fantastic, sloppy, but terrific band that totally kicks ass. One of the better garage punk releases that I’ve heard in a long time.

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