INERTIA: New Lows To Bear Upon A Barren Heart: Cassette



This New Jersey band started as a crust / hardcore side project featuring members of DEPARTURES and HOLLOW-EYED, now moves into the realm of politically charged power violence on their second release. Featuring guest vocals from members of GATHERER and IDES.

Kicking off with “Harvest”, a very powerful song that has the speed and manic energy that you’re looking for, but also has a slow dirge part that brings to mind later BLACK FLAG. Lots of shouting, guitar playing that is clean sounding amongst the fuzz and a general sense of insanity…nice opener. “Illiteracy Dyscalcula” is a super short and fast-paced song that has the shouted vocals, great background vocals and is nice and heavy. “It’s Not A Disease It’s a Lifestyle” keeps the hardcore energy going with a bit of a slower pace that goes into full on moshing. “Homelessness Blues” doesn’t have much blues in it, but it has that BLACK FLAG sound again, with its slow, dirge and shouted vocals mixed with the jazzy feel that FLAG had at the time. On the last song, “Before It All Went Black” starts off slowly with guitar and then the drums and the screamed vocals kick in and the song takes on a swirling, grinding, pummeling mixture that made it a very cool ending to the album.

A very hard-hitting and powerful release that will get lodged in your boombox and won’t come out for days. The mixture of the BLACK FLAG style and their own sound really made for a great listen and makes me glad that I still have a tape player, this brings me back to the good old days.

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