SICKOIDS: Self-titled: 12″

S/T LP cover art

This is Philadelphia, PA’s SICKOIDS debut album out on Residue Records. Ten mostly short and intense songs of hardcore fury to blow your hair back and knock you on your ass.

The band comes at you full force on these ten songs and you can just try to hold on as the punishing grooves overtake you. The band has elements of DIE KREUZEN and ARTICLES OF FAITH, but they takes those building blocks and run with it, making their own sound. As you listen to the album, numerous things jump out at you, the incredible drumming, the insane vocals, the guitar playing that has a hint of THE DEAD KENNEDYS in it and the massive low-end from the bass guitar.

This has the makings of a classic album, one that takes from the past and brings it into the present with power and raw emotion. A great release and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

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