SACRED SHOCK: You’re Not With Us: 12″

Sacred Shock - You’re Not With Us LP

From Austin, TX comes SACRED SHOCK featuring members and ex-members of HATRED SURGE, ARMY OF JESUS, IRON AGE, and THE YOUNG. This is their debut full length album with eleven blistering hardcore songs.

This album has the makings of a great skate soundtrack with songs that have fast guitar licks whipped off, hammering drums, screamed vocals, and thundering bass.Every song is like a punch in the throat, one strong punch after another and you keep listening and liking it more and more even though you know it’s too much for you to take. I’ve played this a few times now and it gets better every time.

Grab your deck, start a pit, just put this one on and do some kind of crazed action when you listen to it. A definite treat and one that will be played a lot in my house.

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