GREAT LAKES USA: Live Fast, Die Whenever: 12″

Live Fast, Die Whenever cover art

Out of Boston, MA comes GREAT LAKES USA playing fast paced punk rock with poppy hooks and melody galore. I know, they don’t play oi! / streetpunk, hardcore, or celtic punk and are they any good? Yes…yes they are, very good.

You get ten fairly short, but to the point songs that have gruff, shouted vocals, thick, rattling bass, pummeling drums, and terrific guitar licks coming at you. The band is obviously having a great time playing and it really shows in the energetic and powerful performance on this album with the band playing with hearts on their sleeves and the raw emotion that is in every note on the album. Some songs that stood out are “No Girlfriends”, “Grown Up Stuff”, “I Sold My Liver Down The River”, “Drink & Stagger”, and “Rambling Dudes Forever”.

A solid, tight, well-played album that just gets better the more that you listen to it, with hooks that will get stuck in your head. An explosive and fantastic set of songs that will bring you to your knees in a live setting.

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