SOULS FOR SALE: Scavengers: CD

Scavengers cover art

Starting back in 2007 in Bielefeld, Germany, this band plays metal laced hardcore with energy and conviction. This is their debut full length after releasing a few demos, an EP and compilation tracks in the past.

After starting with an instrumental piano track “The Great Deluge”, the band jumps in and starts ripping things up. “Walking On Pain Street” grabs you and slams you against the wall with its aggression. Nice chugging guitars with cool leads, gruff, screamed vocals and a full on attack from the rest of the band. “Scavengers In Suits” keeps the power of the previous song going and actually ramps it up. “Fromselflootingtoanassaultdrivenapproachofbreakingfree” is another great track with a slower and sludgy part that made this a whirlwind of a track. This album is full of down tuned ragers that will leave your neck in traction from all of the head banging that you will be doing. The band really kicks up a ruckus and plays like they are mad at their instruments and that aggression comes out while listening to this album. Other songs that stood out were “The King Of Kong”, “The Circus Is In Town”, and “Zielenvisserij”.

With the emotion, power and adrenaline of this release coming at you, it will wear you out, but you will come back for more. The rawness of this release was a pleasure and I really hope to hear more from them in the future.

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