Spewing anti-Christianity lyrics like sunflower seed shells, this black metal band from Melfort, Saskatchewan goes for the jugular. This band really throws down on this one and lets it all hang out, from the lyrics to the tight playing.

Starting off and ending with soft, almost romantic sounding songs, with “Conception” starting off lovely then the growled vocals kick in, making for a spooky song and “Armageddon” being totally instrumental. After the first quiet song, you jump right into the blistering black metal morass and the brutality just keeps on going. The band plays with a ferocity that makes it hard to believe that this is their debut album, clear production, machine gun drumming, thick bass, creepy keyboards, great guitar licks, and the evil, guttural vocals really hit you hard. The band just pulverizes the songs and takes you on an evil and twisted journey that somehow you can’t get out of and don’t want to. The only flaw is that the drumming is a little thin sounding, but it’s nothing that hurts the album, just a bit more thickness would have been cool.

If you are a fan of black metal, this is for you. There are better known bands out there, but none play with the kind of ambition and anger that these guys do. Put this on, turn it up and let the layers of evil take over. Get the devil horns out because this is Satan approved.

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