GLOOMSTER / E620: Split Single: 7″

E620 and GLOOMSTER, both from Germany and playing hardcore, but both different enough to stand apart from each other. The two songs from GLOOMSTER are off of their second album that you can get as a download for free here:, and E620’s three songs are new for this split.

Two great metal-tinged hardcore songs from GLOOMSTER that are heavy, have gruff vocals and will get you in a moshing mood. Lots of nice leads, and super thick bass with an almost doom metal feel at times on “Füchse im Vollwichs” and more speedy on “Stop The Krauts”. E620 has less metal and more punk mixed into their songs which are short blasts of energy that will get you moving and wanting to release your aggression. Lots of speed, crazed playing and shouted vocals.

A great split with two bands throwing down a few songs that you will want to play a lot and then look for more music from. If only all splits were this much fun.

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