VICTORY: Laced Up: 7″


This is the debut four song release from VICTORY, a street punk band from St Paul, Minneapolis. The band is composed of ex-members of THE SUBVERSIVES, EIGHTYSIXED, THE VIRGIN WHORES and PIST & BROKE.

This was so well promoted that it completely sold out one hour and 45 minutes after the preorder started and had a second pressing done…pretty damn sweet! “Laced Up” is about skinhead pride and you can hear the sincerity in the singer’s voice while the band rips things up behind him. “American Nightmare” is a song that wants to put the boots to shitty state of affairs in America for the working stiffs and is a damn fine angry song. “Glory Days” has a fantastic chorus, the band is playing with conviction and has you remember your glory days. “Real Heroes” opens with the “I love the smell of napalm…” sound bite from Apocalypse Now and was written by WWII veteran Corporal Joseph Piché who passed away in 2011. It is a very strong and intense song about fallen heroes and what they gave for the world.

With only four songs, it really leaves you wanting more and going back to re-listen to it again. They really are showing everyone how good Oi! can be and how powerful it can be to get your message out.


MARTHA DAVIS released her first solo album entitled Policy in November 1987 and some of the musicians who worked with her on the album included Clarence Clemons, Kenny G and Charlie Sexton. Five songs were released as singles from the album, but none of them were to become hits in America, but “Don’t Tell Me the Time” was a top 10 song in Australia.

“Tell It to the Moon” is a song that should have been a huge hit with the hooks, her powerful voice filling your ears, and the instant you hear it, you want to hear it again. “Just Like You” is another song that should have been a hit with the saxophone solo, the beautiful instrumentation and again her voice! “Heaven Outside My Door” is a very beautiful slow song that goes right into another slower song “Don’t Tell Me the Time” which is every bit the equal to previous songs from THE MOTELS. “Rebecca” keeps the slow songs going with a very brooding song that is actually quite beautiful. “What Money Might Buy” takes a look at the young kids who end up as prostitutes on the streets. “Don’t Ask Out Loud” is a slow song with the beautiful combination of Davis’ voice and the saxophone interweaving and making it a standout track. “The Hardest Part of a Broken Heart”, “Lust” and “Bridge of Sighs” keep the slow songs going and the latter really has the power to draw you in with the sax and Davis’ heartfelt vocals crying out to you. The upbeat “My Promise” is still slow, but has a more positive outlook and is the most purely romantic song on the album.

I can’t understand why fans of THE MOTELS didn’t pick this up in droves, the only thing that I can think of is the lack of faster songs on the album because the quality is still here. If you are a fan of her previous work, you need to get this album and see where she ended up and hear the beauty on this album.


This is the fifth and final studio album from THE MOTELS until they released the album Clean Modern and Reasonable which was issued in September 2007. They were working on another album to be released after this, but Martha Davis decided to go solo and the band broke up nearly two years later.

The album does have more flourishes of the ’80s, but it still holds onto the great songwriting, the seductive vocals of Davis and the sinewy saxophone that peppers their music. Singles released from this album include the U.S. top 40 “Shame,” the Top 100 title track “Shock,” as well as an Australia only release “Icy Red” that did not chart.

The singles “Shame” and “Shock” start this album off on a fantastic high. Both songs being full of life and sublime beauty that still resonates after all these years. “Hungry” is a nice slower song with great saxophone and Davis’ beautiful vocals making you get shivers. “Annie Told Me” has a nice slow beat and is full of lush keyboards and plaintive vocals, plus a great sax solo. “Icy Red” continues the slower set of songs, but is so full of emotion and bleakness that its cold sound and would fit in perfectly with a walk in the woods on a snowy day. “New York Times” brings the pace up a bit more and sounds like it could have been a single in its own right. “State of the Heart”, and “Cries and Whispers” keep things upbeat and are full of hooks, while “My Love Stops Here”, and “Night by Night” are slower and especially the latter sound like classic slow songs from the band.

Yes it has a definite ’80s sound to the production and the effects in the songs, but the good thing is that the songs are still of a high standard that it still works. The band was consistent, putting out great music time and time again and never received the recognition that they deserved, get this album and all of the other remastered albums and enjoy music that is timeless.

THE PRIMITIVES: Everything’s Shining Bright, The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987: CD

Between 1985 and 1987, THE PRIMITIVES issued five singles / EPs on independent label Lazy Records before signing with RCA Records. Everything’s Shining Bright is named after their planned Lazy Records album, which was abandoned when the band left the label for RCA and seven of the ten previously unissued tracks on here stem from those sessions. Also unearthed is the band’s very first demo from 1985, consisting of three tracks including a dry-run through their eventual hit “Crash”.This 2-CD set also boasts their promo-only live album at the ICA with MORRISSEY introducing them and completes their entire Lazy Records output from that period. The compilation also features the band’s first four singles, four more demos, their gig freebie/promo single and a booklet with a great overview of their early career.

In the mid ’80s, music was a mix of cheesy pop pap, glum indie and hair metal, then along came THE PRIMITIVES with their jangly, feedback filled pop that kicked things in the arse and let in a bit of fun and decent music back into the charts. The singles were a breath of fresh air and the music papers of the time took notice and gave them some coverage and got the ball rolling to eventually move onto bigger things for them.

The songs sound even better today with the fantastic remastering job and of course with how bad the charts are now, this really sounds fresh and exciting. The demos give you a chance to hear the band raw, but yet still melodic and it’s cool to hear how the songs sounded at first. The unreleased songs from the abandoned album are a very nice addition to the collection, very well-played and tuneful, plus a live album that shows the pure energy and fun that the band put forth on stage.

You can’t go wrong with a collection as terrific and full of songs that will get stuck in your head as soon as you hear them once. The band was just hitting the heights of their power and it’s a great way to get everything that you are missing from this band all in one place.

ELECTRO PUNX: Doom With A View: CD

This one man band from Newcastle upon Tyne really does a great job of mixing things up on this eleven song album. You get punk rock, crust, a touch of ska and some electronic all on here.

Great gruff vocals, a wall of sound, guitars coming out of the mix, banging drums and a sense of having a good time while doing this all add up to an interesting release. Some straight forward songs “I’m A Leg – End”, “In Unity”, “Fight Night” and “Disease Or The Breeze”, the ska song “Time Bomb”, the electronic “Facefeck”, the doom song “Pain” and the rest of the songs with their mix of crust and anarcho punk all are well performed and have a nice edge that adds to the enjoyment of this album. You would never know that this is just one person, he does such a great job on the different instruments that it really sounds like a full band.

Grab this and check out a very diverse and intriguing collection of songs that will leave you wanting more



This anarcho punk band from Accrington, Lancashire features ex-members of POTENTIAL THREAT, TOTAL BLOODY CHAOS, MEXICAN OVERDRIVE and THE CLEARINGS. They were founded back in August 2011 and feature Spike on vocals, Jimi and Sprog on guitars,  Mick on bass, and Ersy on drums.

Three hard-hitting songs that are a bit muddy and flat sounding, but they have energy and anger that makes you forgive the production, it actually reminded me of the demo tapes that I used to buy way back in the ’80s. These three songs take a bit of street punk and add it to their sound and come up with a winner with the gruff vocals, the tight solos, and the pounding drums added to the throbbing bass. All three songs “Riot Cop”, “Excuse” and “Screwed”, are really exciting and full of power, and make you want to hear more.

A great little EP from a band that I will be looking out for more from in the future. A ton of potential, just improve the production a bit and it will be stellar.

TEASING LULU: Black Summer: CD

Debut album from Brighton, UK band that would fit in with ELASTICA in their punk rock influenced sound. Contains three catchy as all get out singles, “The Ex-Factor”, “Waste Of Time” and “Cat & Mouse” all produced by the STRANGLERS JJ Burnel.

They come tearing out of the gate with “The Ex-Factor” and start things off with energy and an explosion of exuberance. This continues into the next few songs “Waste Of Time”, and “I’m So Bored”. “Lady Luck” is a bit slower, but has great playing and will get you moving, then it’s right back to the jumping “D.I.H.” and “Loser” with its screams and great bitter lyrics. “Black Summer” is a lovely acoustic song that lets the vocals shine and the band shows that charging at you at 100 miles an hour is not all that they are capable of doing. “Cat & Mouse” starts with some thick bass, great throaty vocals and a fantastic punky and poppy groove. “You Ain’t My Baby” is another standout track that keeps you rocking out.

This is one hell of a tight and well produced album with sharp edges that are smoothed out a bit with the incredible vocals. It has grooves and melody to spare and is an album that deserves to be in your music collection and played for all of your friends.