COLD FEELINGS: American Industry: 12″


Sacramento, California’s COLD FEELINGS have released their seven song debut album on Oi! The Boat Records. The band consists of members of long running Northern California punk bands MONSTER SQUAD, WHISKEY REBELS and BUILD US AIRPLANES.

“American Industry” puts the album into high gear with a very melodic punk song that is catchy and could be a big song for them if radio played good music for a change. “With You” has great gang vocals, an incessant beat that gets you rocking out and keeps the melodic standard set by the first song going. “Older Now” has great guitar playing and the vocals are a little raspy and made this a little edgier. “In Between” is a nice fast-paced song with a ton of energy and power and the background vocals really add a lot to the song. “Pain & Ecstasy” is a bit more mid-paced and still manages to keep the great enthusiasm going. “Ordinary” slows it down a bit more, but the rock power that they bring to the song as well as the background vocals remind me a bit of SOCIAL DISTORTION, which is never a bad thing. “Germantown” ends the album on a high note with great lead and background vocals as well as some of the best playing on the album.

A great album with tight playing and a real love for what they’re doing shines through on this release. It’s not Oi! or streetpunk, but the melodic punk rock really made for a fantastic listen and now I’ve found another band to love.

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