THE PRIMITIVES: Everything’s Shining Bright, The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987: CD

Between 1985 and 1987, THE PRIMITIVES issued five singles / EPs on independent label Lazy Records before signing with RCA Records. Everything’s Shining Bright is named after their planned Lazy Records album, which was abandoned when the band left the label for RCA and seven of the ten previously unissued tracks on here stem from those sessions. Also unearthed is the band’s very first demo from 1985, consisting of three tracks including a dry-run through their eventual hit “Crash”.This 2-CD set also boasts their promo-only live album at the ICA with MORRISSEY introducing them and completes their entire Lazy Records output from that period. The compilation also features the band’s first four singles, four more demos, their gig freebie/promo single and a booklet with a great overview of their early career.

In the mid ’80s, music was a mix of cheesy pop pap, glum indie and hair metal, then along came THE PRIMITIVES with their jangly, feedback filled pop that kicked things in the arse and let in a bit of fun and decent music back into the charts. The singles were a breath of fresh air and the music papers of the time took notice and gave them some coverage and got the ball rolling to eventually move onto bigger things for them.

The songs sound even better today with the fantastic remastering job and of course with how bad the charts are now, this really sounds fresh and exciting. The demos give you a chance to hear the band raw, but yet still melodic and it’s cool to hear how the songs sounded at first. The unreleased songs from the abandoned album are a very nice addition to the collection, very well-played and tuneful, plus a live album that shows the pure energy and fun that the band put forth on stage.

You can’t go wrong with a collection as terrific and full of songs that will get stuck in your head as soon as you hear them once. The band was just hitting the heights of their power and it’s a great way to get everything that you are missing from this band all in one place.


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