MARTHA DAVIS released her first solo album entitled Policy in November 1987 and some of the musicians who worked with her on the album included Clarence Clemons, Kenny G and Charlie Sexton. Five songs were released as singles from the album, but none of them were to become hits in America, but “Don’t Tell Me the Time” was a top 10 song in Australia.

“Tell It to the Moon” is a song that should have been a huge hit with the hooks, her powerful voice filling your ears, and the instant you hear it, you want to hear it again. “Just Like You” is another song that should have been a hit with the saxophone solo, the beautiful instrumentation and again her voice! “Heaven Outside My Door” is a very beautiful slow song that goes right into another slower song “Don’t Tell Me the Time” which is every bit the equal to previous songs from THE MOTELS. “Rebecca” keeps the slow songs going with a very brooding song that is actually quite beautiful. “What Money Might Buy” takes a look at the young kids who end up as prostitutes on the streets. “Don’t Ask Out Loud” is a slow song with the beautiful combination of Davis’ voice and the saxophone interweaving and making it a standout track. “The Hardest Part of a Broken Heart”, “Lust” and “Bridge of Sighs” keep the slow songs going and the latter really has the power to draw you in with the sax and Davis’ heartfelt vocals crying out to you. The upbeat “My Promise” is still slow, but has a more positive outlook and is the most purely romantic song on the album.

I can’t understand why fans of THE MOTELS didn’t pick this up in droves, the only thing that I can think of is the lack of faster songs on the album because the quality is still here. If you are a fan of her previous work, you need to get this album and see where she ended up and hear the beauty on this album.

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