This anarcho punk band from Accrington, Lancashire features ex-members of POTENTIAL THREAT, TOTAL BLOODY CHAOS, MEXICAN OVERDRIVE and THE CLEARINGS. They were founded back in August 2011 and feature Spike on vocals, Jimi and Sprog on guitars,  Mick on bass, and Ersy on drums.

Three hard-hitting songs that are a bit muddy and flat sounding, but they have energy and anger that makes you forgive the production, it actually reminded me of the demo tapes that I used to buy way back in the ’80s. These three songs take a bit of street punk and add it to their sound and come up with a winner with the gruff vocals, the tight solos, and the pounding drums added to the throbbing bass. All three songs “Riot Cop”, “Excuse” and “Screwed”, are really exciting and full of power, and make you want to hear more.

A great little EP from a band that I will be looking out for more from in the future. A ton of potential, just improve the production a bit and it will be stellar.

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