REVENGE: Self-titled: CD

Revenge cover art

REVENGE are from Malmö, Sweden and have been together since 2008, with past and present members of SATANIC SURFERS, VENEREA, INTENSITY, SKITKIDS, and ENEMY ALLIANCE. These eleven songs on their debut album fly by in under fifteen minutes and show how old school hardcore still matters.

These songs blow past you so fast that you automatically have to listen to them again, nice trick, getting people to re-listen to your album because of the short songs. The good part is that the songs are tight, no frills hardcore that will get you shouting along and have the pit jumping. A great set of songs that are full of energy, melody and power. Great thick bass, nice riffs, strong drumming and clear shouted vocals.

All of the songs are solid, the band rips and the album is a winner, really, what more needs to be said other than go out and get it!

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