7" sized2-2 BW

Dresden, Germany’s STRONGBOW have found their complement in Dallas, Texas’ punk outfit DOG COMPANY. Both bands play punk rock with a nod to a more classic, straight forward approach mixed with street punk energy and they do it well.

STRONGBOW’s “These Nights” and “Blind” both showcase a tight band with great energy and enthusiasm and two memorable songs. Great stuff. DOG COMPANY’s “Not Dead Yet” and “Everybody’s Your Best Friend” are the demo versions on the vinyl and the finished release on the download, which is a very cool pressing error. Both versions are great fun and full of kick in the teeth power. Of course the production and sound is tighter on the download, but I enjoyed both versions.

The split is a definite treat with both bands putting their own spin on punk rock and giving us a taste of their catalogue and it makes you want to go out and grab more from both. Check this out and sing along with a couple of bands that prove you don’t need to be trendy, just good.

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