ANTON ZAP: Water: 12″


Anton Zap’s new album entitled Water is a mix of three new and four re-released songs. This artist from Moscow, Russia has a back catalogue stretching back to 2007 and a DJing career that goes back a decade further.

Kicking off with the epic, ten-minutes-plus “Water”, combining deep, brooding chords with nice atmospherics, the song flows into “Road Trip Sound” and it’s the perfect gateway into the world of Zap’s music. “Road Trip Sound” is a lot more dance floor oriented than the previous song and then we go into the ambient “Fade To What?”. A song that takes you on a nice mellow journey. “Funky Man” has a great beat and gets things moving along again, “Captain Storm” is right back into the club mode and tears things up with the more industrial “Miles And More”. “Miniature” ends off the album with another great atmospheric piece.

A very interesting album that doesn’t just mine one style of electronic music, but gives the listener a chance to explore a few genres easily. With excellent and pristine production and interesting songs, this is a great chance to catch up on his music and garner new fans.

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