THE MOTELS: Little Robbers: CD

Fourth album in and the band still sounds great with catchy songs, exemplary playing and the emotive vocals from Martha Davis. The band kept the high quality from their third album and was given another hit album.

“Where Do We Go from Here (Nothing Sacred)” starts off the album with strong keyboard playing and a very catchy melody. “Suddenly Last Summer” is the big hit on the album and deserves its place in the ranks of classic songs with Davis giving us another beautiful vocal that tugs at your heart. “Isle of You” has nice jangling guitar playing, and a strong vocal from Davis adding to the island feel of the song. “Trust Me” is another of their more rock oriented songs and has a ton of energy and is pretty fast paced with a fantastic saxophone solo. “Monday Shut Down” is a great new wave song that you find on all of their albums and adds a bit of guitar playing that really rocks out. “Remember the Nights” is a terrific song that should have been a bigger hit and is extremely catchy. “Little Robbers” is another catchy song that stands out on the album with the excellent saxophone. “Into the Heartland” is a great new wave song with the icy synthesizer and the saxophone coming in and out of the song to make it a very bouncy and fun song. “Tables Turned” has a nice mellow beat and is another beautiful slow song that you just close your eyes while listening to and fade into the ether. The final song “Footsteps” has a bit of a reggae beat to it and is a perfect ending to another fantastic album.

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