BORNBROKEN: The Healing Powers Of Hate: CD

After two years in the making, Montreal, Quebec’s BORNBROKEN released its debut ten track album of metal thrash core.  Formed in 2008, this five piece band has taken its time to put out an album that shows off their strengths in spades.

You can hear the thrash on this album with the tight grooves that they lock into and you can hear the metal core on here as well with the intense breakdowns that are used to accentuate the heaviness of the song, not to just be there for the sake of being there.  The brutal bass, hammering percussion, high-speed guitar solos and the powerful growled and shouted vocals really blend together for a thick goulash that you just want more of. The crisp, clear production really gives this album a sharp sound that cuts through other bands that think muddy means heavy, BORNBROKEN prove that clear sounding albums can be heavy and totally in your face. Some songs that stood out were, “Can’t Quiet The Riot”, “Old News”, “I Will Rise”, “Control”, “It Has Begun”, “Bleed The Sky”, and “Reborn From The Ashes”.

This is one hell of a debut album, chock full of intensity and brutal playing that will get your head banging and your poor neck hurting. Let’s hope that they don’t wait two more years to put out more music and I’m glad that they are no longer a Quebec secret, shout it out kids…BORNBROKEN kick major ass!

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