THE WEEDS: Roots​ / ​Routes EP: 10″

Roots/Routes EP cover art

THE WEEDS are an American four-piece emo, pop punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that have had their six song EP released on hand numbered, two limited colors 10″ vinyl and comes with a digital download as well.

“Sunset Eyes” brings together the catchy sounds of the ringing guitar, and the harmonious melodies of the duet of Justine DeFeo and Joe Lacy which made for a real treat to start off the EP. “Attention” is very similar to the preceding song with another fantastic duet from DeFeo and Lacy and keeps the high quality continuing without stopping. On “Death Valley”, DeFeo takes the lead vocal and her emotive voice and the incredible music takes this song onto another plane and makes it an instant classic. The band seems to be taking their playing up a notch on this song, becoming even more catchy and melodic than before. “Feel Nothing” is another out of the ballpark hit with the band giving it all they’ve got and the vocals just lift you up and take you away. “Up to Speed Your Life” is a great mix of sweet vocals mixed with a wall of sound from the band that is thick and full and has a ton of melody. Ending with “Stranger Than Fiction”, the band has left you with the feeling of a beautiful summer day, not too hot, just right. The jangling guitars, the emotive singing from DeFeo, and the great drumming all made for a terrific ending to the EP.

For a band that I was completely unfamiliar with and seeing the dreaded “emo” tag listed with their description, I was extremely taken by this band and will be looking for further releases. I think that I’ve found a band that can both relax me and excite me with their music.

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