THE MOTELS: Self-titled: CD

THE MOTELS first album from way back in 1979 with Martha Davis’ fantastic voice and excellent playing from her band really grabs you with the stripped down and stark sound that they created. Ten songs that haven’t aged and sound even better now than they did when first released.

This is a remastered release with the same packaging as the original LP in CD format (cardboard sleeve), and looks exactly like the LP release, but the sound is incredible. You can hear the plaintive vocal from Davis on “Total Control” and it sends shivers up your spine…such a fantastic track. The band plays really tight and does a great job of incorporating both the emerging new wave and a touch of rock to keep the edge sharp and makes song after song of classics that should have been a hit for them. The line up for the band at that time was: Martha Davis (guitar, vocals), Jeff Jourard (guitar), Marty Jourard (keyboards/sax), Michael Goodroe (bass), and Brian Glascock (drums). There isn’t a duff song on this album and it just gets better every time that I play it, I especially loved the saxaphone, an instrument that got a lot of use in the ’80s and perfectly accents these songs.

With the great songs, exemplary playing, the sensuous vocals of Davis and the incredible remastered sound, this is a fantastic release that deserves to be in your collection. You can hear the start of the band that will go on to be a huge hit maker in a few years on here and it’s an excellent debut for an excellent band.

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